Automate Active Directory(Installation(Packer)+Provisioning(Vagrant))

5 min readApr 28, 2022

Hi Readers, Here we will be looking into automation of ad deployment. This challenge is part of Auror Project initiative by Zscaler’s Sudarshan Pisupati 🙏


  1. Packer
  2. Vagrant
  3. Virtualbox/Vmware Workstation(i have used VirtualBox for demonstration)
  4. Curiosity/Laziness

The Challenge/Goal:

Let’s create two machines, Machine A and Machine B.

Machine A (Domain controller)-

  1. Machine A is the domain controller
  2. Domain Name is “auror.local”
  3. Has DNS role
  4. Create a user “Adam” with password “Pass@123”

Machine B-

  1. Machine B is the machine to join to domain auror.local
  2. Machine B should have Chrome installed
  3. User Adam is configured as an administrator
  4. Firewall should be off
  5. Machine A and Machine B must be in the same subnet.

For example:

Machine A :, Machine B:

Test Cases

  • RDP into Machine B with user “Adam” should be successful
  • From Machine B as user Adam, the command “net use \\auror.local” should result in command completed…